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We are a dynamic
team of creative people and Business and IT Experts.

We are a business and IT consulting company that provides experienced professionals to serve your business needs. We understand that data is the key to making a smart decision. We provide you with experienced professionals who will help you make smart decisions. The team at Kaizen Data Consulting has decades of experience in business and IT. Our team has been trained in the front end of business as well as the backend of IT infrastructure. We have a complete understanding of the needs of a business and how to make both the front end and backend work together seamlessly.

Our Services

  • Antivirus production 
  • End Point Solution

  • PC Backup
  • Server Backup Solution

  • Reporting
  • Automation
  • Data Analytics
  • Dashboard Visualization

Our Projects

Latest Project

The modern business environment has created a need for companies to have an online presence. Advances in digitization and technology over the past decade have seen businesses increasingly focus on their online presence, with it being a crucial part of any business strategy. 

Establishing a cohesive, attractive online presence early on in the life of a company can help increase traffic and sales significantly. This improves ROI rates (return on investment) as there is often less justification for marketing and advertising campaigns if a company has an established online presence

Latest Project

Backing up data off-site can provide your team with a bit of freedom. By backing up to the cloud, you provide your data with protection from types of data loss including those caused by natural disasters, human error, or ransomware

Latest Project

Protected information is critical for any business as the need to keep this information safe from any unauthorized access is vital. This is important because information that leaks could be a costly mistake that could have devastating consequences for both you and your clients.

Latest Project

As “Data Analytics refers to qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes used to enhance productivity and business gain.” Data is extracted, acknowledged and bifurcated to identify and analyse behavioural data, techniques and patterns can be dynamic according to a particular business’s needs.

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